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The Key Of Time

by A Future Memory

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December 6...  (12/6)

In 2013, the universe designed a moment in time that would be unlocked in 9 years. It was known all along but never known.

12/6/2013 - 12/6/2022 

BOXES 2.png



Reverse Watch

1st Release


Limited 1/126

Counter-Clockwise Movement

Time moves backwards...

However, the AFM timepiece is not a decoration,

it features a unique numeral layout on the face / bezel which allows you to change the direction of time at your will.

Movement Key

Rotate the bezel 180 degrees, adjusting the key position

from the highest point, 12, to the lowest point, 6.

12: Time moves backwards

6: Time moves forwards

(use this key position to read / set your watch)

afuturememory movement.gif
afuturememory caseback2.gif
  • Reversible time: counter-clockwise movement (readable)

  • Fully luminous dial

  • Water resistance: 10 ATM (330 feet/100 meters)



  • Case - stainless steel

  • Band - stainless steel

  • Dial - ceramic

  • Crystal (glass) - mineral

    Quartz: replace battery every -2 years

    Movement: made in Japan

Item Number: D6-MK1-6

Fully Luminous Dial

The dial features bright glowing eyes with a dim glow on the rest of the face.

afuturememory caseback.gif
Case / Caseback

Measures 40mm (w)

The prophecy edition features the "crystal cruciger"  insignia in the center. 

Each caseback is uniquely numbered: xxx/126


Prototype-0 was made with unique melted hour & minute hands, yin/yang style, with pointers aimed at the key numbers & directing the reverse rotation.


Type-1 was created to showcase the reverse movement even more, featuring a large double-pointer for the second hand; highlighting the reverse rotation every second.

crown afuturememory.gif

The crown features the highest star on the crystal cruciger, totalling 12 stars on the watch.

Keystone Box

The keystone which holds together the gates of time.

The past and the future in unison, just as the dark and the light.

All paradoxes may be reconciled.


This holds the key to A Future Memory.


  • hard shell box

  • white leather exterior

  • purple velvet interior


  • The key (watch)

  • Removable keystone watch pillow

  • Information + warranty booklet

  • Authenticity card

  • Cleaning cloth

  • Extra links (add or remove links to adjust size)

Divine measurement:

12 keystones form a perfect circle… the circle of time.

  • Always make sure the clasp is fully locked before use.

  • Never use cleaning agents, wipe any residue with a soft cloth.

  • Make sure that the crown is always pushed back into the normal running position, to prevent moisture or dust entering the case.

  • Never operate the crown when the watch is wet or underwater to prevent water entering the case.

  • Avoid placing your watch near devices generating strong magnetic fields.

  • Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures.


The Memory Keeper includes a 3 year warranty, guaranteed to be free of defects, if your watch malfunctions in this time it will be covered for repair or replacement.


Memory Keeper - Type 1

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